Spectrum Association Management


If you haven’t visited your association’s website (Does this page look new to you?) since Tuesday, May 21, 2019, please update your password by clicking the “Login" button at the top.  

From there, simply click the "Forgot Password" button at the bottom of the dialogue box that will open.

You will get an email if you follow the process above, it just may be delayed. When your password reset is ready, you will receive an email 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a system upgrade, some are experience issues registering an account or resetting their password. Please note that it may take several hours to receive your email for your password reset. Please do not press the "Forgot Password" button more than once in a 12 hour period. Doing so is likely to reset your wait time.

If you need to pay a balance, you can call 1-877-342-6233 24/7. Please note: this is for bill payments only.

Other Frequently Asked Questions


Why did we update your association’s website?

We updated your association’s website because we wanted to roll out a new, sleeker design and improve our cyber security.


What are the benefits of this update?

The biggest improvement is that our websites are now hosted with more options for features than ever before.


Can I reuse my old password?

Yes, you can!